Yacht Kaiserstuhl

Installation and process, 2010
In cooperation with Echo Ho

Process and installation about global trade and labour. We reversed the transfer of the Kokerei Kaiserstuhl coke plant from Dortmund, Germany to Shandong, China by constructing a Yacht shaped sculpture from Chinese steel and rice straw from the Shandong region and having it shipped to Dortmund. After being exhibited there, it finally was stolen in summer 2011.

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Game Installation, 2009
In cooperation with Jonas Hansen, Thomas Hawranke, Karin Ling­nau, Marek Plichta, and Jakob Penca

eight+ a synaes­thetic user-generated content post-new-rave multiplayer shooter in 2D.

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Experimental interface, 2004-2006
In cooperation with Hans H. Diebner and Sebastian Fischer

EyeVisionBot ist an experimental interface for gaze based image retrieval: While a user is watching a set of images, the system tries to infer what kind of images she is looking for.

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