Computers all the Way Down at Conversations with Computers, Linz

I’ll be part of Conversations with Computers, a 2-day symposium organized by the net-culture initiative in cooperation with the University of Art and Design Linz. The symposium addresses contemporary artistic research in the field of AI, focusing on new languages that emerge between humans and machines, but also how work and communication are facilitated through technological means.

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Politics of the Machines: Rogue Research

In an intervention at the international conference Politics of the Machines: Rogue Research, students of KISD and HS Augsburg present work that critically deals with machine learning and artificial intelligence. The presentation titled “Training to Deal with Otherness” is the result of the work in three study programs dealing with design and/of technology: the Integrated Design BA and MA program of KISD, the Code & Context program of TH Köln, and the Hybrid Things Lab of Hochschule Augsburg.

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Designing Reafference at Designano – The Aesthetics of Imperceptibility

As part of the symposium Designano – The Aesthetics of Imperceptibility at IMéRA (L’institut d’études avancées d’Aix-Marseille), I will speak about Perceiving Imperceptibility / Designing Reafference. The talk will be part of a conversation of design and nano-materials and the paradoxical nature of nano-objects and their performativity across scales, organized by Tincuta Heinzel.

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Hill Climbing

Software bot, 2021

Hill Climbing is a bot walking through Google StreetView that always goes up, following the direction of the steepest incline. As a software bot, the work performs autonomously, creating an open-ended visual meditation on human and machine agency, artificial intelligence and optimization, and the landscapes and operational images of the measured globe.

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RoboLAB: an inclusive art space for Cologne

Opening exhibition with contributions by KISD students

On September 6, a new space art space and event series is opening in Cologne: RoboLAB 2020. The first event is the show Circolaris that takes place in the walkable and accessible sculpture of the same name, created by Odo Rumpf in Odonien. This sculpture will provide a lasting space for inclusive, accessible and multi-genre art and culture projects.

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