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Signal to Noise

Projects, April 10th, 2014

Installation, 2014
In cooperation with Tincuta Heinzel

“Signal to Noise” is a radio based audio installation dealing with the concreteness of ideological discourses and the imaginary of the “Other”. Using two FM radio transmitters and a number of mobile radio receivers, the project creates a volatile acoustic space in which two concurring voices and ideologies compete by broadcasting on the same frequency. Carrying mobile radios, listeners permanently enact an ever-changing soundscape by moving through the space in which both transmitters interfere.

Solar Wind Aeroscope

Projects, March 30th, 2014

Installation, 2014
In cooperation with Jonas Hansen

The Solar Wind Aeroscope is an artistic instrument dealing with atmospheric conditions that depend on “space weather:” a storm of electromagnetic particles from the sun that constantly affects our atmosphere. It uses an Internet connection (in the gallery) or a radio receiver (in the wild) to tap into a global network of amateur HAM-radio stations known as WSPRnet. Through this network, the Aeroscope can “see” the atmospheric conditions caused by the solar wind.


Projects, November 10th, 2012

Installation, 2012

Antenna, radio receiver, computer, custom software

Tapping into the communication infrastructure of global travel and transport, the installation planes uses an antenna and a radio receiver to receive and decode messages from commercial airplanes. Using the flight and plane identification numbers of each plane, an image of that very plane is downloaded from an internet archive and displayed on screen.

Paidia Laboratory: feedback

Projects, November 24th, 2011

Experiments, since 2011
With Paidia Institute

Paidia Laboratory: feedback examines computer games as closed feedback systems, as servomechanisms or control chains that may or may not involve human elements. In an ongoing series of artistic experiments the feedback behaviour of games is studied and put in new contexts through modifications of hardware and software, creating an open structure of artifacts, schematics and patterns. The focus lies not on the usability of games, but rather on an archeology of interaction – determining the limits and boundaries of games in order to understand the media specific characteristics of computer games and the spaces they create.

Sonnenwindperiskop / Solar Wind Periscope

Projects, July 27th, 2011

Installation, 2011
In cooperation with Jonas Hansen

The Solar Wind Periscope is an artis­tic instru­ment visu­al­iz­ing atmos­pheric con­di­tions that depend on space weather. It uses a radio receiver to mea­sure HF radio sig­nal range and relies upon a global net­work of ama­teur HAM-radio sta­tions known as WSPR­net. It was devel­oped for The Weather Tun­nel Project at Translife Tri­en­nial 2011 and is part of an ongo­ing inquiry into weather beyond earth.

Yacht Kaiserstuhl

Projects, August 10th, 2010

Installation and process, 2010
In cooperation with Echo Ho

Process and installation about global trade and labour. We reversed the transfer of the Kokerei Kaiserstuhl coke plant from Dortmund, Germany to Shandong, China by constructing a Yacht shaped sculpture from Chinese steel and rice straw from the Shandong region and having it shipped to Dortmund. After being exhibited there, it finally was stolen in summer 2011.


Projects, December 2nd, 2009

Game Installation, 2009
In cooperation with Jonas Hansen, Thomas Hawranke, Karin Ling­nau, Marek Plichta, and Jakob Penca

eight+ a synaes­thetic user-generated content post-new-rave multiplayer shooter in 2D.


Projects, January 3rd, 2005

Experimental interface, 2004-2006
In cooperation with Hans H. Diebner and Sebastian Fischer

EyeVisionBot ist an experimental interface for gaze based image retrieval: While a user is watching a set of images, the system tries to infer what kind of images she is looking for.