Changing scientific production in design at IASDR 2023, Milan, Italy

I am participating in a panel at IASDR 2023 in Milan, Italy, on scientific production in design. The panel addresses the question of publishing design (research): How is scientific production and publication in design renewing and transforming to better respond and serve to the needs of the research community and have a real social, politic and economic impact? How can design publication enable the emergent diversity of knowledge?

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Walking the dog in latent space at University of Bochum

Presentation with Thomas Hawranke

As part of a Menagerie of Virtual Animals at the University of Bochum, Thomas Hawranke will present some work-in-process in which we approach the latent space of neural network image classification and generation by looking at the Yorkshire Terrier. Under the title “Gassi gehen im latent space / Walking the dog in latent space” we will try to shed some light on the technological and cultural role of animals (and the Yorkshire Terrier in particular) in contemporary artificial intelligence.

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