Hidden Layers Conference

At KISD, we will host the second edition of Hidden Layers Conference from June 12 to 15. The event brings together a diverse group of experts to collectively discuss and learn about artificial intelligence in design. Organized by the research project KITeGG on design and AI, it combines a public program of talks, an exhibition and workshops with internal meetings of the five art and design schools involved in the project.

Attendance is free and the public program will run from Wednesday evening, June 12, to Friday afternoon, June 14.

More information will be available in late May at www.hiddenlayers.de

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Changing scientific production in design at IASDR 2023, Milan, Italy

I am participating in a panel at IASDR 2023 in Milan, Italy, on scientific production in design. The panel addresses the question of publishing design (research): How is scientific production and publication in design renewing and transforming to better respond and serve to the needs of the research community and have a real social, politic and economic impact? How can design publication enable the emergent diversity of knowledge?

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