Bio-medical Signals in Media Art

Claudia Robles-Angel, Lasse Scherffig, Johannes Birringer, Uwe Seifert: Bio-medical Signals in Media Art, in: Julián Jaramillo Arango, Andrés Bubarno, Felipe César Londoño, G. Mauricio Mejía (eds.): ISEA 2017. Proceedings of the 23rd International Symposium on Electronic Arts, Universidad de Caldas and ISEA International, 2017, 720-729 › full proceedings (open access)

Berlin Exhibition Project: The Pacific Wall

In March 2017, students of San Francisco Art Institute travel to Berlin to meet with students of Bauhaus University Weimar. Together, they develop an exhibition at the Schillerpalais project space. The exhibition is accompanied by one evening of experimental interactions in the studio of ACUD. After the group returns to San Francisco digital re-configurations of the works shown in Berlin are presented in a show at the Invisible Gallery at SFAI.

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Feedback Machines. Cybernetics and Interaction

My PhD thesis has been published as an open access book by KHM, Academy of Media Arts Cologne: Lasse Scherffig (2017): Feedbackmaschinen. Kybernetik und Interaktion, Dissertation, KHM, Köln › PDF (17 MB)

The (German-language) thesis is titled “Feedback Machines. Cybernetics and Interaction” and was supervised by Georg Trogemann and Frieder Nake. It deals with cybernetics and human-computer interaction, reconstructing the history of interactivity as the history of cybernetics while using cybernetic thought for understanding interaction. In an argument that incorporates discussions of direct manipulation and tangible interaction, cybernetic and action-centric models of perception, and the enactivism/enaction debate in cognitive science, it ultimately argues that interaction creates interfaces.

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