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The Post-digital Condition

A project at KISD on the post-digital condition in design, covering strategies, tools and techniques. In collaboration with the department of design at FH Dortmund. The results will be shown in a collaborative exhibition in Fall 2019.

How does design look in times of template culture, scripted layouts, and the standardized interaction and aesthetics of the responsive web? What is the aesthetic potential of last year’s tools and devices we already have forgotten? How can we show work while our audience is immersed in their own smartphones?

In this project, we will work with Editorial Design master students of Fachhochschule Dortmund (Prof. Ulrike Brückner) on a show about the post-digital condition in design. For the show, we examine the three following areas: In “Automating Making” we will look at methods to automate design processes, from scripting InDesign to using fiverr. In “Undead Media” we will examine abandoned and outdated media, and the potential of their resurrection and liberation. In “New Formats and Venues” we will work with emerging exhibition formats, such as router galleries, low-energy websites, location-based shows or bring-your-own-beamer.

During the course, we will collaborate remotely and meet for two times (at KISD and in Dortmund). The results of the project will be shown in an exhibition after the end of the semester. This will require some work beyond the project duration.