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Rethinking Knowledge-Sharing in Design at Loughborough University

I will speak about the development of a journal of integrated design research at KISD in an online-talk at Loughborough University, invited by Loughborough Open Research Collective.

How can we present design and creative research respectively to convey our aim and not to lose the value of non-textual content along the process? Should we rethink the traditional methods of sharing research through academic journals?

Open Research Collective is hosting a new Journal for Integrated Design Research developed at Köln International School of Design. As a new Open-Access-Journal, it aims to publish design research in all its multi-medial diversity. This innovative journal includes textual and non-textual forms of knowledge production in Design Research and pushes us to rethink forms of knowledge production, review, and sharing.

April 17, 2023
12pm–1pm BST