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Matters of knowing

(Un-)translatables in Design Research?
Workshop at the Design Research Society conference 2022, Bilbao

The team of KISDedition, represented by Simon Meienberg and myself, is part of the DRS2022 conference, conducting a workshop on publishing design research, and its unpublishable residues.

The workshop is part of the PhD event of the conference and addresses quesitons such as: How do we communicate design research? What platforms and formats are needed to convey textual and non-textual forms of design’s diverse knowledge cultures? More importantly, what cultures of writing, communicating, and reviewing do we need in design education?

Starting from experience with developing a publishing format and pipeline for an open access design research journal at KISD, the workshop is concerned with the technology and culture of publishing and knowing in design. It discusses what is translatable and untranslatable into academic writing, what formats and data types are needed, and how to learn to write and review.

Date: June 26, 2022, 11:30 AM

Location: IED Kunsthal, Bilbao and online,