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Neocybernetics Workshop

Workshop meeting on technics and society
Nago-Torbole, Italy, July 5th-8th, 2013

A meeting of various artists and scientists, discussing cybernetics, technology and society.


Not only from nature but also from our technologies we have learnt that we will never be able to completely understand and control complex systems. Regardless of whether they are natural or man-made, sufficiently complex systems will always be able to suprise us and contain some residual risks.

If we take this fact seriously, what does this then imply for a responsible treatment of nature, technology and society? How are we supposed to act while the consequences of action are impossible to predict? What strategies can we follow – apart from retreating respectfully – if the problems are apparent but the possible courses for action are obscured? How can we make plans for a world that may  always surprise us? What are possible roles for us in a world where sufficient knowledge and sustainable control are absent? What can a steersman (Cybernetician) do, if there is no port of destination?

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