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Experimental Interactions at ACUD

An evening of lectures and lecture-performances at ACUD dealing with post-digital art and labor, with Jörg Brinkmann, Theresa Schubert, and Lioudmila Voropai. The event is part of Berlin Exhibition Project/The Pacific Wall.

Wednesday, March 22, 6pm
ACUD, Studio

Jörg Brinkmann,
Haunted Media. Virtual Reality Lecture Performance
In our present time we are living with many ghosts in the media, killing meaning and exposing the emotional side of global capitalism in the forms of post-truth politics and nostalgia industry. Here, we will search for them in hopes of exposing the inherent gaps in the electronic media that pervade our lives.

Thersa Schubert,
Creativity and collaboration with the non-human
A talk presenting artistic works that investigate topics of creativity from a post-human perspective. By transferring parts of the artists autonomy to processes or organisms, these entities become collaborators, enable a sense of possibilities and allow for contingencies. As part of her PhD research, the theoretical background of these works links historical natural philosophy from romanticism and monism with contemporary concepts of posthumanisn and agential realism.

Lioudmila Voropai
Futures of Art in the Age of Algorithmic Governance. Speculative Policies, Desirable Institutions, Realistic Scenarios
How current technological developments and their social and cultural implications will influence artistic and design practices, academic humanities and cultural production in general? Which consequences an ongoing algorithmisation of governance and decision-making processes will have for art institutions and for the cultural policy? Will it evoke some completely new institutional forms, markets and modes of distribution or will it just strengthen already existing ones? Taking these questions as a point of departure the lecture-performance will offer rather unexpected answers to them.